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WIN A PRIZE ASUS ROG STRIX GL503 !!!!!. This program was held at GameLife Pre-ICO which was January 9, 2019.

Then how to get the prize? please read and follow the terms and conditions below.


  • Participate must in the Pre-ICO held by us.
  • We support compatible ERC20 wallets
  • Participants must purchase our tokens with a minimum of 2 ETH.
  • Participants must fill in the participation form on the website "Claim" menu
  • There is no maximum purchase limit
  • Winners will be taken on those who have the most tokens in their wallet.
  • During the event period, participants may not move their tokens to any wallet until the event deadline. if it is proven to be done it will be disqualified
  • All fraud will be strictly acted upon and will be disqualified
  • Winners will be announced after the Pre-ICO ends
  • The prize will be sent to your address or in the form of Ethereum according to the price of the prize above after ICO is finished.
  • The event will end on January 23, 2019 00:00 (UTC)
  • The decision cannot be contested
  • Announcement of winners will be announced through our social media twitter
  • This event is not related to any company or third party
  • By participating in this event participants agree to follow the terms and conditions that apply

*Periode Event : 9 Jan 2019 -- 23 Jan 2019 00:00 (UTC)


  • Send ETH to the address of the smart contract 0xb0315f636e4136dFd43F66b699dcdF43d5d519aD
  • Use the Gas price of 100.000 Gas and 10 Gwei
  • The minimum purchase for this event is 2 ETH
  • GME tokens will be automatically received directly into your wallet
  • Hold your tokens until the event ends and get your PRIZE

        Any question ? Please contact us on the below page

        This event applies to all people, all kinds of fraud and negligence in following the rules will be disqualified. the team's decision cannot be contested.

        Please fill in the participation form on the website "Claim" menu.